About us

All reservation bookings must be made (45) forty five days advance notice but in high season our Resorts/Hotels require (60) sixty days advance notice instead at www.respush.net/reservation/. High season is determined by travel destination; normally high season is during Spring Break and major Holiday Seasons. The Promotional Vacation certificate does not include airfare and airfare should not be purchased until after you receive a confirmation number from your reservation request. A $99.00 USD plus tax to $149.00 USD plus tax Reservation Processing fee must be paid at time of booking for all land vacations.

Only (1) one Promotional Vacation can be used at the time, even if you buy (2) two or more Vacation package, as this promotion is not intended for groups, groups travelling together, weddings or any event. The vacations cannot be taken back to back to extend travel dates. The Promotional Vacation Certificate is fully transferable to qualified individuals, can be given away as a gift or even sold to qualified adults over the age of (30) thirty and under the age of (66) sixty six.

Res Push Packages are sold as Non-Refundable due to the limited and promotional nature of the Vacation Packages. Our Vacation Packages changed daily due to the partnership with our Resorts and Hotels are for a limited number, once the final Vacation Package is sold another Vacation Package which changes will be sold, think of it like the fares on an airline flight as they sale some seats at a cheaper rate than other seats, this is the same concept for our Promotional Vacation Package.

The day after your arrival you must attend a 90-minute informative tour of the Resort and its amenities including the Vacation Club Package the Resort/Hotel has to offer with no obligation.

Our Customer Service and Reservation Specialist will assist you in any way possible to book your vacation, answer any questions you may have, and address any complaints on the service. You agree to travel with one major credit card, and to present it upon checking-in for the informative tour, with no purchase obligation whatsoever.

Promotional Vacation Packages are intended for the following audiences:

* Single Woman
* Married Couples
* Couples living together for a minimum of (3) three years
* One person travelling should not be over (66) sixty six years of age
* One person in the party traveling should be (30) thirty years of age or older up to (65) sixty five years of age
* Other qualification may apply depending on the Vacation Package or Resort/Hotel Partner

Res Push or our Resort/Hotel Partners does not accept any liability for failure to provide the services contracted or any of them due to circumstances beyond our control.

Res Push or our Resort/Hotels Partners are not in a position to guarantee customer’s safety against events including but not limited to accidents, death, acts of God, flood, riot, theft, or even acts of negligence. All activities have inherent risks to health and safety and Res Push or our Resort/Hotels Partners will not be responsible for any eventualities related to any activities or services booked through this website.