Cancún Description

Cancun is situated on the Caribbean Sea, which offers clear, turquoise water and the white, sandy beaches that make images of the island so wonderfully enticing. Its 14-mile length includes a total area of about 764 square miles, and just offshore is a vast portion of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, which is the second-longest coral reef on the planet. This makes Cancun an excellent base for diving excursions, with numerous scuba hotspots including the MUSA underwater museum, which is home to more than 470 underwater statues.

Cancun weather is usually amazing! Thanks to its location, this beautiful island offers warm, tropical weather with lovely sea breezes all year ‘round. Most days are sunny; in fact, the island offers an average of 240 to 253 sunny days per year.

Most people plan a trip to Cancun with beaches and relaxation in mind. There are lots of places to go in Cancun, though: Try Isla Mujeres, go snorkeling, try out a jungle tour, or enjoy a Rio Secreto underground river tour. For history buffs, there are Mayan ruins nearby as well as a Mayan museum.

This amazing island is well-insulated from crime. You’ll want to take normal travel precautions, naturally: however, most people are traveling to Cancun Mexico for the same reason you are – they want to relax, soak up the sun that makes Cancun weather so desirable, and enjoy themselves.